How can I become a ESRH partner??

Our Physicians are available to discuss your patients situation 24/7.  They choose to participate because they believe this important decision, to treat stroke, is often easier discussing the decision with someone who regularly uses all stroke treatment modalities. We are lucky to have a dedicated group supporting our goals!

  • Our hospital has implemented emergent stroke care protocols.
  • Our hospital has a plan (if needed) to transfer to a hospital with neurosurgical, neuro-interventional or stroke expertise.
  • Our hospital has a Director of Stroke Care to oversee hospital stroke policies and procedures. This may be a clinical staff member or the designee of the hospital administrator.
  • Our hospital is prepared to administer thrombolytic therapy as appropriate for acute ischemic stroke.
  • Our hospital has the ability to conduct brain imaging (e.g. CT scan) 24 hours a day with results available within 45 minutes.
  • Our hospital has the ability to conduct blood coagulation studies 24 hours a day.
  • Our hospital will submit HIPAA compliant data on a monthly basis to the Kansas Initiative for Stroke Survival (KISS) for the purpose of program evaluation.
  • Our hospital is willing to be listed on the statewide Stroke Capability map, both in print and electronically.
  • Our hospital has/will provide community stroke education—2 activities annually.   (please document what and when)

Kansas Initiative for Stroke Survival 2017 Attestation Link

To be recognized as a Kansas Emergent Stroke Ready Hospital: download, complete, and submit the Attestation Form linked below.

2017 Attestation Form