About KISS

KISS is organized as a four prong approach to the care of acute stroke.

  1. Organize and partner with EMS to provide screening, evaluation, and routing to ensure the fastest and safest delivery of care.
  2. Provide Education and support to ANY hospital that desires assistance in evaluation and treatment of stroke.
  3. Assist with the transport and evaluation/treatment through a network of both Primary and Comprehensive Stroke Centers;
  4. Improve the publics knowledge of stroke to provide the opportunity for treatment.

How does KISS do this?

  1. By providing free education at all levels for providers in each of the 6 ambulance regions in the state of Kansas.
  2. By providing a free Physician hotline (24/7 stroke support line)  to assist with the evaluation and decision on treatment/transfer for any of your stroke patients.
  3. Certification/Attestation for Emergency Stroke Ready Hospital. (see Policies)


  1. University of Kansas Hospital – Vascular Neurology Group
  2. Stormont-Vail Healthcare – Hospitalists
  3. Via-Christi St. Francis – Neuro-Critical Care Team