KISS Acute Stroke Patient Selection Alteplase Checklist

This document allows for clear and complete screening of the patient for Inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Patient Presentation

Helps organize your information prior to contacting one of  the 24/7 support lines.

Acute Ischemic Orders and Transport Protocol

Complete set of Ischemia Stroke Order and Transfer protocol.

Stroke Team Patient Evaluation Form

NIHSS (NIH Stroke Scale) score sheet assists in assessing patient for stroke severity.

Allows EMS Providers to develop a thorough Stroke Protocol with best practices.
Highlights two common Stroke Severity Scales to use in assessing stroke patients.
Flowchart to help with timely stroke patient treatment and transfer.

 Door In Door Out Time Summary Final

Evidence-based ideas for expediting the transfer of stroke patients.

 NIHSS as a LVO Tool

Chart that shows which items on the NIHSS are indicative of possible large-vessel occlusion.

 NIHSS as a LVO Tool Badge Buddy

Same chart as above, formatted into the size of a badge buddy. Can be printed and laminated to use for ED Staff.

Medication Infusion Report for EMS

This document allows for communication between hospitals and transferring EMS agencies about types of medications infusing, instructions for titrations, and rates of these medications infusing during transfer.

Miami County Stroke Protocol

An example of an EMS Stroke Protocol using NIH Stroke Scale screening for LVO screening.